Clair T Designs

My Story

Clair T Designs began in August 2014 when I finally, with the huge support of my partner, plucked up the courage to do my first Artisan Market. I started out with cards and sewn goodies in really funky fabric, which I still make but aren't the main focus of my work any more.

In 2015 I taught myself to knit from youtube videos, and that was it I became a knitting nutter. It has taken over my life and our home. It is the perfect partner to the other obsession in my life; Christmas, hence the Year round Christmas Shop. The main part of my business is still selling at Artisan Markets and Christmas Events and in 2016 I started moving more online by opening my Etsy shop, starting my Instagram and Facebook pages and joining Pedddle, which is an amazing online community that supports Artisan Markets and Makers.

Now during 2020 lockdown I have decided to take the next step and start my own website.

If you would like to find out what Markets and Events I will be attending, or what is happening in your area.

Click the Pedddle button to go to my page.