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Small Stripy Hand Painted Letters

During lock down I got a bit tired of knitting, so I though I would finally try and realise an idea i've had in my head for a long time.

Here it is my new collection of stripy paintings which i'm totally in love with. They are produced by covering wooden shapes in Artex (yes that stuff from nasty 70's textured ceilings). I then create the stripes and texture by pressing a knitting needle into the Artex. Finally I paint each stripe by hand ensuring that no two paintings are the same.

The collection as a whole contains large and small original art work, photographic prints from the original artwork, small and large letters, greeting cards and pin badges.

Each letter is unique meaning that the one you receive with vary slightly to the one photographed

Size 31cm tall width depends on the letter e.g W is wider than J

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